Fallschirm Sturm Kompanie!

Fallschirm Sturm Kompanie!
EW Fallschirmjager

Monday, November 15, 2010

I forgot....

I've forgotten I had this blog.. Never really intended to use it as a "standard" blog just a way to post some projects and such.

Over the last year my 15mm wargaming has been sporadic. Not until about 2 months ago when I re-connected with a few guys in the area that play. These guys are good people and we all seem to get along. Steve, Armando "The Crazy Italian", Nick, and Lt. Adan. I met Steve through a good "kid", Josh. I get together with them about twice a month, role some bones, and move some lead around. Good people.
Another thing that got me full-tilt into wargaming was WWPD podcast with Steve and Joe. WWPD (What Would Patton Do) is a podcast abotu wargaminng. hopefully the boys will stick to mostly WWII stuff and FOW but hery its THEIR show.

This week I was inspired to work on some Fallschirm minis I had on my workbench. Carlos from Sentinel Miniatures Painting gave me some tips on painting. If you ever need an army painted or any miniature painting (he does fantasy as well) look him up and tell him I sent you. He also does some kick ass resin buildings.

"Ville de Mort"......

I had been on vacation two weeks ago vising my folks and brought down some buildings to work on. This go me re-invigorated to work on my "Ville de Mort" project that has been stewing for many years. Shawn from The Terrain Guy is a master and has some great terrain builds on You Tube.

"Ville de Mort" is a grand 4'x4' section for 15mm wargaming. The project has 27-30 buildings including a large church. I laid out the beginnings of the board this week with a few of the buildings I have started. As i was drawing the layout Cole, my 4 year old, was making sure the buildings will hold up to playing abuse. So far they are "wargamer proof".

About 3'x4' of the table will actually be all buildings. The buildings are all custom made using GameCraft Miniatures kits. The Ville will include a large 9"x6"x5" church on one corner. The center of the town, about 3 square blocks, will include a 4 story tall "Hotel du Mort" and the "famous" "Cafe du Mort". 1/4 of the ville will be shelled buildings and the rest will be multi story large living areas. Its ambitious to say the least.

Early war stuff.....

I got the early war bug about the same time i was down at my folks place as my dad and I sat down and watched a few WWII documentaries on "The H". I got home and dusted off my early /mid Grenadiers and decided to test out Carlo's new technique on some non camo guys. Ill taker some pics later but here's a Sdkfz. 250/3 I did up a few months ago.

And finally.....

My dad gave me a book on the 653rd Independent Jagd Battalion for my birthday last year. I was hoping Battlefront would come out with a JagdTiger by now but they had not. I went ahead and purchased a Quality Castings/Old Glory JagdTiger and it got here this week. I guess I'm spoiled because the quality of their stuff is way sub-par. It was the mold lines from hell kit and it is much smaller than any of the Battlefront stuff. The JagdTiger is slightly longer than a Tiger II but this kit is a bit smaller than BFs KonigsTiger. I wasn't sure if I was going to paint one up for use on the filed or just as an objective marker for FOW. I think it'll probably be an objective marker. I've added a picture of it primered. I'll end up painting up in panzer gray with ordinance tan lines.

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