Fallschirm Sturm Kompanie!

Fallschirm Sturm Kompanie!
EW Fallschirmjager

Sunday, November 21, 2010

WWPD #6, More FJ Pak 38, and Heer MG-34 crew.... oh and a few buildings.

Well I got do catch up a bit today (my first day off) as the wife and little guy went to do some bonding with her horse.

Pulled out the old buildings projects and started the base colors and such. I was re-listening to WWPD and patiently awaiting Episode #6 to hear the interview with Shawn Morris.

About 8pm or so I logged on and downloaded the episode and to my surprise Steve and Joe mentioned me and the blog in the podcast!! Thank you guys!

I picked up a copy of Willi Heinrich's "Cross of Iron". This is a fictional book about a platoon of Heer grenadiers (supposedly mountain troops) in the Eastern Front. I'll write a full review of it when I finish it.

Also, just finished reading two sets of rules cover to cover. Too Fat Lardies "I ain't been shot, Mum" and Old Dominion Games Works' "Mein Panzer". Two very different yet very good sets of rules. Review to follow.

Here's the pic of the Heer lMG team from earlier this week. Still not done a bit more highlighting and a coat of Magiic Wash. I'm slowly getting the hang of "leg" infantry work.

I pulled out the buildings for "Ville de Mort" today and started with base colors. Not even close to being finished but I'm one to show pictures of stages just to show you guys what I do. The small two story is the "Cafe de Mort" and the one to the right is what I call the general store.

This is two of three residential buildings for the board. The roofs are all removable. The base colors are down I need to go back retouch a few things, magic wash and dry brush.

Here's a picture of the 5 buildings still in various stages of completion.

And finally a few more pictures of the Pak 38 from earlier this week. Unfortunately the pictures did not come out well.

The crew is from the artillery pack with no modifications. Two were painted wearing tropical pants, the other two continentals (wool). Just a note, originally FJ leather gear was brown and an order in I think 1940 stated all leather gear was to be died black. Well FJ tried not to do this and attempted to hold off converting as long as possible. The "Alte Lehr" troops kept their old brown boots, belts, cavalry Y-straps (as opposed to the regular Y-straps) to show the new troops coming in they were veterans.

On the other crew I'll probably paint one crew members in a step in grey green jump smock.

The Pak 38 model is from Old Glory/Quality Castings. Its a multi-piece kit (they sell them in 3s). The detail is much crisper than the Battelfront kit. The ammo box and ammo are from the BF "German Ammo Pack". I cut the box down to size and cut the rounds down by about 1/3rd.



  1. Looks great. Your blog deserved a little publicity .... enjoy !

  2. Thanks Joe!!! Are your M-10's done!??