Fallschirm Sturm Kompanie!

Fallschirm Sturm Kompanie!
EW Fallschirmjager

Monday, November 15, 2010

Basing 101st Airborne Guys and MORE FJ

A while back (summer 2010) I made a how to video basing your minis. I posted them on you tube.
Pictures came out a little dark. 

Part One
You might be able to see the painted re-enforcement patches on the sleeves and knees.
Part Two
Part Three

I built two of these (#101 and 102).
These were my first Battlefront and 15mm miniatures. I learned a lot from building these two Marder IIs. First off, BF got the gunshields wrong so they had to be modified. Thee Marder II is a great tank hunter in FOW. I never got to play with these as I sold them to a friend of mine who really wanted them. These are on my painitng schedule in the future.

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