Fallschirm Sturm Kompanie!

Fallschirm Sturm Kompanie!
EW Fallschirmjager

Monday, November 15, 2010


These are some older pics of my first army. I built a Late war (Festung Europa) FJ Kompanie. I've since changed my painitng style for FJs but I still think these hold up. It took me a LONG time to paint these.

To the right here is one of my platoon command stands armed with SMGs with panzerfaust.

This is one team of my 12cm mortar platoon and one of the Spotter teams.

These are a pair or Marder IIIs. They were fun to build and paint though I painted them in a semi "Ambush" pattern which would be wrong for the time period. I think they look good though.

A pair of Stug IIIs with 75mm L48s. I'm building two more, one with the 10.5cm option as I think they are under rated. I was not happy with the way the decals came out. since these pics were taken I fixed the decal issue.

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