Fallschirm Sturm Kompanie!

Fallschirm Sturm Kompanie!
EW Fallschirmjager

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Destroyed Building, Bocage, and no time.....

Hey folks,

I've been kinda busy with life and the holidays this past week and haven't made much progress on my projects.  If you follow the What Would Patton Do blog you'll notice I did one book review and there's one more to be posted.  Please check them out and let Steven over there know if it's a good addition or not.

Thanksgiving week was a loss as far as modelling but I did get to hang out with the "Unofficial East Bay Wargamers" at Steve's house.  I did get some dry brushing in and took a few photos of Steve and Josh's game.

And one last thing.  Since I recently found a copy of "Flames of War" in Spanish I gave it to my dad.  I immigrated here from South America when I was seven and my dad, who pretty much got me into WWII history and modelling, and I will try to get a game in next tiem I'm down.  If any international followers out there know of any players in Spanish speaking countries point them to this blog and I might start doing a blog in Spanish!

Steve and Josh setting up for a 1500 point Late War US Legs vs. German Landsers!

Cross of Iron Update:  70 pages into the book.  Very good so far and the translation from German to English is pretty good.  The characters have depth and the friction between Steiner and Stransky can already be seen building and the characters have not even met yet!!

As Shawn Morris would say, "You GODDA have cows!!"

Steve's Germans dug in waiting for the assault.

 One of Steve's two sniper teams.  These are Josh's.  Sorry abotu the poor quality of the photo.

Just some more random pics.  They aren't very good I took them with my  $Phone.  These show Josh's leg infanty on the move.  Josh is a phenominal painter.

Some more of Josh's US legs.  I think these were his Chemical Mortar Plt.  Nice to see my terrain being used.
I continued working on my second ever demolished building.  I'm using a Game Craft Miniatures model and demo-ing it for the "Ville de Mort" board.

This is a 5.5"x6" base two story building I'm workng on.  Its getting there.  This one will be both bombed out and burnt crisp.

And finally a prototype Bocage idea I've been working on.  Took ideas from Shawn Morris and two more ideas I found on teh web and added them into the recipe.  Since I have storage issues I have to make my terrain modular.  Taking Shawn Morris' technique but using smalled diameter rocks (this may change to adding larger rocks into the mix), I'm using 1"x1" green foam onto 2" wide 3mm board and building them as Shawn does.  I used cut straw (thanks Shawn!) to mount the 2"-3" tall trees onto the Bocage.

The prototype is not done yet and I will post more pictures later this week.I'd love to hear what you guys have to say.  Tips and critiques welcomed!!!!


  1. Once you've finished the book - watch the Sam Peckinpah movie and let me know what you think!

  2. Oh yes I own the uncut version of the movie. I had an original hardbound copy of the book but before I ccoudl start it I lent it to a friend....

    I've seen both movies.... "Breakthrough" (1979) with Richard Burton. Bad movie.... only worse movie made is "Battle for the last Panzer". The ONLY saving grace to "Breakthrough" is they actually had a REAL T-34/76 tank and a REAL Panzer IV (I think it was a G model. Richard Burton is running around in a Woodland camo pattern M-35 tunic. Bad, bad, bad.......

  3. I'll have to check those out. I take a sick pleasure in watching bad films. Like the blog so far. The bocage especially is inspiring.

  4. Thanks Shaun! Nowhere NEAR as nice as Shawn Morris. I'm wanna see Luke's bocage.