Fallschirm Sturm Kompanie!

Fallschirm Sturm Kompanie!
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Ada" and her two cohorts - Kit Review

I finished up the two remaining Marder IIs so "Ada" wouldn't be lonely.  They look a little shinny but its the pictures.  They are actually pretty matt.  Also, I might be adding foaliage to these three.

 The commander above is a regular infantry guy I had laying around.  I cut his head off and used the half-mini from a Panther kit as a head replacement.  He's supposed to be wearing a Italian Camo private purchase jacket.

 As you can tell, I used pigments to build up the mud in the chassis aroound the supsension areas.


Last week when I finished the "Cassino" Objective I felt it needed some small details.  I went online and looked for "HO" scale weapons and came up with these two kits from "PREISER".  They are listed as "HO" Scale WWII gear (I got them from Hobbylink.com).  One kit comes with mostly infantry gear and some weapons while the other is strickly weapons.  The scale is a bit off for Flammes of War.  THEY ARE SMALLER!  Yup they are a bit smaller than FOW weapons but one can barely tell.  You could not use the weapons as replacements but they are fine for detailing vehicles of objectives.  

 I used an MP-40 with the stock extended to add a weapon to one of the observers in the "Cassino" Objective.
 And an MG-34 and ammo box as gear to one of the Marder IIs above.

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  1. Those Marder IIs look really good. Nice job.