Fallschirm Sturm Kompanie!

Fallschirm Sturm Kompanie!
EW Fallschirmjager

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day Off #1 - Modular STUG III, Vickers Mk. VIC, and Panzer IV Hs

Hey everyone,

Well day off #1 (that is from the Commander and 5 year old).  Got some stuff done spent the better part of 6 hours doing some modelling.

I have 3 more STUG IIIs to build for my Fallschirm and for general use.  I decided to make them modular much like the PZ IIIG/Hs I posted last week.  So I used the 1/16" x 1/32" magnets and magnetized the three gun barrels for the STUGs.  No I can  field 75mm, 75mm "Pig Head", and 10.5cm.

Next I dusted out the airbrush again and painted up a few goodies after I built them.  Last night I finished a Vickers Mk. VIc for early war.  Today i gave it a primer, base coat and camo.  I'm fairly happy with it.

I used Russian Uniform Green and Violet Brown.  Not sure if the base color (Russian Uniform Green) is gonna work.  I had to darken the Violet Brown a bit. 

Shes not close to being done yet. I just felt like painting something different.

And finally I built and painted these three Panzer IV Hs for my Aufklarungs Company.  I built them, primered and painted the camo.  They are far from done.  Antennas, camo netting, and finish up the detail work.


  1. Thanks dude!! Maybe I'll bring 'em out for a con your way and get a game or two in!

  2. I really like the Stug's. That's a great idea of being able to swap out the barrels.

  3. love the magnet swap option ...