Fallschirm Sturm Kompanie!

Fallschirm Sturm Kompanie!
EW Fallschirmjager

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hey folks,

Been been busy with just life stuff.  But I got to do some painting this past week or two.

I was also able to almost finishe my Comand Platoon for my 116th Aufklarungs.

More later......


  1. Is that... a Luchs?

    I NEVER see those on the field - awesome!

    Time for some Pumas after that? :D

  2. Yup Luchs (Panzer II L). No no pumas for my 116th QAufklarungs. They had PZ IILs, 250/9s, and 234/1s.

    Pumas are cool and very effective BUT everyone has themm so I wanted to be a little different.