Fallschirm Sturm Kompanie!

Fallschirm Sturm Kompanie!
EW Fallschirmjager

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fallschirmjager Company Command and RSO Objective

Worked on an objective I've been wanting to do for a while. 

When I was young my dad used to subscribe to "Military Modeller Magazine".  There was a great diorama of a RSO resupplying a Type 166.  Well I've always like the RSO so I decided to make an objective similar to that diorama.  Its almost done just  wanted to show you guys what I have so far.  All that is really missing is the resupplies which will be glued on later.

Working on some mid war FJ command stands.  The first I'm not too happy with as the color of the grey green smocks aren't doing it for me.  im using Vallejo 866 and I think I'm going to switch to 886.  The figures are old school Battlefront from the early FJ kit.  The two in the type-two smocks are radio crewmen.  the castings are.... well... inferiror to what they have now but I dig the poses.  The second command stand is a group of three wearing tropical pants.  These are modelled to be used in mid war and late war Italy.

The figure to the right is also old school Battlefront FJs. 

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